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IT Job Coach coaching and resume services grew out of my work as an IT Headhunter and draws on my work experience as business owner and manager including being the co-founder of SofTel a microcomputer and telecommunications systems house.

As a IT headhunter I needed to quickly show my clients the experience and skills of the information technology (IT) candidates that I was presenting to them.

I use a coaching process to help you create your resume.

We look back to the early days of your work and life experience. For most of my clients it is an eye opener when they recall some of the experiences that have helped to make them unique.

An IT Job Coach Job Search package includes the following 3 components:

  1. Your IT Resume
  2. Resume Cover Letter
  3. IT Technical Skills Summary


How Much Will an IT Job Coach Job Search Resume Package Cost Me?

Fees for the IT Job Coach Coach Job Search Resume Package service is hourly based starting at $395 for individuals with up to 10 years working experience.

A deposit of 70% is paid up front and when we have completed the resume creation process the balance is due.

There are a number of factors that determine how much a IT Job Coach Coach will cost you such as: your years of experience, your training, your life experience and so forth.

Everyone is unique. And while the style is standard the contents are tailored to the individual – you.

After we have had the Introductory Conversation, and I have reviewed your information, I will set the price.

You can review Career Coach Resume pricing in the Order Services page.

Let’s Talk

An IT Job Coach Job Search Resume Package feature rich and includes:

  1. Your IT Resume
  2. Resume Cover Letter
  3. IT Technical Skills Summary


The IT Job Coach Resume creation process begins with The Introductory Conversation.

Let’s talk and see if we can work with each other.

The Introductory Conversation helps me to quickly get a sense of you..and you to get a sense of me and my approach.

The Introductory Conversation is free. There is no charge.

Review the Introductory Conversation process, and if it resonates with you, contact me.

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